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JOE PALEN: [ mailto:joe@palen.com | http://palen.com ]




DEGREE: Mathematics (B.A.), University of Southern California.


IA CERTIFICATION: GIAC Security Leadership Certification (GSLC).



CURRENT TITLES: Information Technology Specialist; Webmaster (palen.com).


PREVIOUS TITLES: Associate Programmer, Programmer, Senior Programmer, Senior Software Engineer/Analyst, Principal Software Engineer/Analyst.



OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows (NT, 2000, .NET); Unix (SunOS, Solaris, HP, Linux, Mac OS X); RTOS (PharLap, VxWorks); DOS.


LANGUAGES: Java (Applets, Servlets, JSP, EJB); JavaScript; C#; Visual Basic; HTML; XML/XSL/XSLT; 'C'; C++; CGI (Perl, Python); Unix Shell Scripts; DOS Batch Files; dBASE III; SQL (MySQL, FoxPro, Oracle); Ada; Assembler (Ultra 16, 8080).



NETWORKING (INTERNET/INTRANET) TOOLS: Tomcat/Jakarta; Apache; XML Spy; VisualCafe, JBuilder (Java); Java Development Kit (JDK); Microsoft (MS) FrontPage; MS IIS (Internet Information Server); System Administration (Windows, VPN); AOLpress.


WINDOWS/DOS DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: MS Visual Studio ('C'/C++/C#); MS .NET Framework SDK; Borland C++; Turbo C++ (DOS); ObjectAda; FoxPro; GUI Builders (VisualCafe, ObjectAda, FoxPro); MATLAB; InstallShield.


UNIX DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: VADSself/VADSworks (Ada); UIM/X (C++ GUI Builder); Software Through Pictures, CADRE (Requirements Analysis and Design); CVS, SCCS (Configuration Management).


OTHER TOOLS: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project); MS NetMeeting; Word Perfect (DOS).



HARDWARE PLATFORMS: PC (Intel/Pentium); Apple Mac; Sun SPARC; AN/UYK-20.



MISCELLANEOUS: Network Programming (Client/Server, TCP/IP, UDP/IP); Dynamic HTML (DHTML); Structured Analysis; Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA), Design (OOD) and Programming (OOP); DOD-STD-2167A; MIL-STD-1521B; MIL-STD-498; C&A (DITSCAP, DIACAP).





“GSLC Training and Certification”, SANS.

"Developing J2EE Compliant Enterprise Java Applications", Sun Microsystems (El Segundo, CA).

"Java Programming", SAIC (CBT Systems Course).

"Software Engineering Principles", SAIC.

"Software Metrics for Practitioners", SAIC.

"Introduction to Software Estimation", SAIC.

"X-Windows and Motif", UCSD.

"S/W Engineering for Military Systems", AFCEA.

"Formal Inspection Workshop", NRaD (SEPO).

"QAT Facilitator Certification", ODI (Boston, MA).





B.A.  Mathematics, University of Southern California (1981)





Information Technology Specialist, Software Tool Developer, GSLC (2008 - Present)


NMCI/NEN Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

Duties include DIACAP package validation, maintenance of C&A Authorization to Operate (ATO) package production schedule (via email workflow and synchronization with Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service [eMASS]), verifying/maintaining integrity of various project data files, tool development/maintenance, weekly reporting, metrics generation for presentations, meeting attendance/recording/facilitating, monthly Naval Message generation, generating draft letters for digital signature, and additional tasks on an ad hoc basis.  Previously provided internal team helpdesk support for Information Assurance Tracking System (IATS).

[Windows (XP, 7); Excel (Visual Basic, formulas)]



Senior Software Engineer, Information Technology Specialist (2003 - 2008)


Various Information Assurance (IA) Projects

Worked on several IA projects.  Duties included analysis and implementation of IA solutions in a lab environment, remote VPN maintenance for fielded IA solutions, and participation in IA working groups.  Following are additional details regarding these projects:

Senior Software Engineer [Computer Network Defense Afloat (CND-A)], Navy IA Representative [TC Joint SATCOM, Computer Network Defense Afloat (CND-A)], Presented IA Overview at “All Naval TC Meeting”, Project Lead (OOMA VPN), Government IA Representative [JTRS], Implementation Lead [8570.01M IA Workforce]; Developed project plan (POA&M) for IAWF training; Coordinated IAWF (8570.01-M) implementation for SPAWAR 08; Configured Windows Servers for development and production environments, including administration of Active Directory and Security Policies; Monitored and managed remote VPN devices for securing data replication; Coordinated troubleshooting of local and remote network devices; SysAd for local network devices; Reviewed contractor documentation to ensure inclusion of latest Common IA Requirements (CIAR).

[Windows 2000/NT, Linux; VPN; C#, 'C'; MS .NET Framework]


SYS Technologies, San Diego

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead (2003)


Field of Vision (Network Event Visualization Tool)

Lead Software Developer.  Provided on-site customer support to IA Systems Engineering Branch at SSC-SD (SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego). Responsible for designing and developing incremental improvements to Field of Vision (FOV) network event visualization tool. Led a small team of software engineers in the FOV development task. Produced initial FOV prototype to interface with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in the Navy CND-A (Computer Network Defense Afloat) environment. Concurrently led development of API to be used by third-party TCP/IP applications on a variety of operating systems.

[Windows 2000/NT, Sun Solaris, Linux; C#, Perl, 'C'; MS .NET Framework, MySQL, MSSQL]


Island Data Corporation (IDC), Carlsbad

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead (2000 - 2003)


Insight RT (Analytics and Knowledge-Base Management)

Lead Software Developer.  Led core team of software engineers through initial development of a web-enabled analytics application (written in Java, JavaScript, XML, Perl, and Python).  Responsible for managing all phases of development (i.e., gathering, writing, and analyzing requirements; architecting, designing, coding, and testing software; providing frequent demos to CEO and Marketing to manage expectations; supporting QA through formal testing and deployment).  Previously, led development of web-enabled Knowledge-Base Management (KBM) tool.  Delivered seven on-time releases of KBM during one calendar year (including re-architecture of KBM upon assuming lead).  Re-architecture included migrating client-side from Java applet to JSP (to provide “thin client” for improved performance over Internet, and tighter integration with administration server).  Redesigned server-side (Java servlets) to provide API for JSP.  Utilized XML/XSL/XSLT for document display lists.  Concurrently supported customer care with issues related to deployed products.

[Sun Solaris; Java (applet, servlet, JSP), JavaScript, SQL, XML, CVS; Tomcat, Apache, MySQL]


Express Response (Online Automated Customer Service)

Software Developer.  Implemented various bug fixes and enhancements for transaction and administration servers.  The transaction servers respond to high volume of incoming e-mail and web end-user queries, and provide responses via e-mail/web (or trigger escalations to agents based on customer business rules).  The administration server provides a user interface for configuring and monitoring the transaction servers via the web.

[Sun Solaris; Perl, Python, SQL, CVS; Tomcat, Apache, MySQL]


Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), San Diego

Senior Software Engineer (1995 - 2000)


TOSU (Spectral Analysis Modeling Software)

Software Developer.  Designed and implemented software to provide time-sequenced spectrum modeling data to ‘C’ and MATLAB applications.

[Intel Pentium; Windows; ‘C’/C++; Borland C++, MATLAB]


AEHF (Satellite Communications Resource Planning Tool)

Software Lead.  Conceived, designed and developed Java rapid prototypes (applets and applications) for software requirements review and marketing efforts.  Demonstrated software and presented briefing materials to customer.  Coordinated software architecture definition tasks.

[Intel Pentium, Sun SPARC; Unix, NT; Java; VisualCafe]


NECC (Satellite Communications Message Router)

Software Analyst/Developer.  Ported fielded software from Unix to Windows NT.  Converted low-level system calls from Sun0S 4.1 to Win32.  Implemented TCP/IP and UDP socket services (client/server) for local and remote inter-process communications (IPC).  Rewrote UIM/X 'C'/C++ GUI screens using ObjectAda GUI builder.  Performed ongoing system analysis and implementation at all layers (including low-level driver code).  Assumed lead Systems Integration role in addition to performing assigned software engineering tasks.  Provided Windows NT system administration support (MIS) on project development network (LAN/WAN), including IIS configuration and administration for ftp/http services (Internet and Intranet).  Initiated software configuration management process.  Wrote Perl scripts and DOS batch files for various support tasks.  Investigated use of InstallShield for software deployment.

[Intel Pentium, Sun SPARC; Unix, NT, VxWorks, PharLap; Ada, ‘C’; MS Visual Studio]


ACMS (Satellite Communications Resource Planning Tool)

Software Analyst/Developer.  Analyzed software requirements and designed new capabilities.  Ported initial increment from Unix SunOS 4.1 to Solaris and HP.  Implemented Motif screens using UIM/X.  Created test databases for GUI unit testing.  Used Software Through Pictures and CADRE CASE tools for structured analysis and (OOD) design phases.  Created and modified Unix Shell Scripts to automate software build process (including SCCS wrappers for configuration management).  Prepared and delivered presentations at design reviews.

[Sun SPARC; Unix (HP, SunOS 4.1 and Solaris); Ada, ‘C’/C++, SQL (Oracle), SCCS; VADS]


Comptek Federal Systems, San Diego

Principal Software Engineer/Analyst (1993 - 1995)

Senior Software Engineer/Analyst (1991 - 1993)


NECC (Satellite Communications Message Router)

Software Analyst. Analyzed NECC requirements and design documents, participated in all major reviews and walkthroughs, and generated technical reports.  Designed, implemented, and provided administration for the NECC IV&V database. This FoxPro DBMS application was distributed on a Novell LAN, and generated with FoxPro (Windows) development tools.  Provided limited technical support for SHF IXS and TRE.

[Intel Pentium, Sun SPARC; Unix, NT; SQL; FoxPro]


Unisys Corporation (formerly Sperry), San Diego

Senior Programmer, Scientific (1987 - 1989)

Programmer, Scientific (1985 - 1987)

Associate Programmer, Scientific (1984 - 1985)



Software Developer.  Supported initial design and documentation phase of DCCEP II SATCOM simulator rehost.  Concurrently provided design and life cycle support for three related SATCOM subsystems (SSIXS, SMART, SSIXS II).

[MicroVAX; VMS, NT; Ada, 'C']


SMART (Message Routing Terminal)

Software Developer.  Designed, coded, and tested all device drivers for the SMART/SSIXS terminal.  Integrated various COTS packages for multitasking, windowing, and I/O functions.  Received Ada certification training for upcoming projects.

[IBM PC; DOS; 'C']


SSIXS (Submarine/Satellite Communications)

Technical Lead.  Analyzed trouble reports and implemented software fixes for life cycle maintenance.  Wrote technical design memos for proposed enhancements.  Traveled to all sites (COMSUBLANT, COMSUBPAC, SUBGRU7, SUBGRU8) for program delivery, training and troubleshooting.  Received two "Letters of Appreciation" from Fleet Commanding Officer for delivery support.

[UYK-20 minicomputer; ULTRA-16 assembly language]


Exxit Rent-A-Car, San Diego

Programmer (1983 - 1984)


Designed, implemented, and maintained auto rental and office automation programs.

[Apple II microcomputer; BASIC]


Sperry Corporation, San Diego

Associate Programmer (1981 - 1983)


SIU (Satellite Communications Simulator)

Programmer.  Coded modules and performed system testing for initial version of Sensor Interface Unit (SIU) environmental simulator.  Author of original SIU simulator operator's manual.

[UYK-20 minicomputer; ULTRA-16 assembly language]


SSIXS (Submarine/Satellite Communications)

Entry Level Programmer.  Coded and tested solutions to SSIXS trouble reports.  Originated automated library functions to reduce program tape generation time.

[UYK-20 minicomputer; ULTRA-16 assembly language]



PALEN.COM (and predecessor sites), San Diego

Webmaster (1993 - Present)


Have been continuously developing personal Web sites since the inception of the first Web browser (Mosaic), circa 1993.  Site maintenance has involved various methods over the years (e.g., manual modification of HTML via text editors, AOLpress [with the help of ftp], and MS FrontPage).  In increments, have implemented features using scripts on both the server-side (CGI/Perl), and client-side (JavaScript).  Have also implemented Java applets (since 1997) with various versions of the Sun Java Development Kit (JDK).  Continuously working on implementing more features as the Web evolves (e.g., Dynamic HTML [DHTML] using XML/XSL/XSLT to display and sort song playlists, API services for social media feeds, HTML5 for video streaming, etc.).

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