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The Story of RubberManTM

If you've heard of the IronMan Triathlon, then you have an idea of what RubberMan is all about. The tournament is just like IronMan, only completely different. Three sports are involved, just like IronMan. The competition lasts for several hours, just like IronMan.

And that's where the similarities end.

The events are, shall we say, wimpy? Though different sports have come and gone during the evolution of RubberMan, the basic format involves bowling, miniature golf, and pool (a.k.a., pocket billiards).

Aside from Ironman, the other inspiration for this competition was the show "Thirty Something".  Once all of the original four competitors (Jim Royal, Joe Palen, Harlow Naasz, and Doug Floyd) were in their 30's, they had the inaugural "30-Something Rubberman".

RubberMan allowed these four members of the Chula Vista High School class of 1977 to get together twice a year for much of the 1990's (rather than seeing each other once at the CVHS Class of `77 Reunion).  If you have some friends that you 'd like to see more than once a decade, maybe you should think about organizing your own RubberMan!

RubberManTM Champions and Venues
RubberManTM XIV has been postponed indefinitely.
Tourney # Date Champion Venue
I 03/03/90 Jim Royal San Diego
II 08/04/90 Joe Palen Unknown
III 06/22/91 Joe Palen Unknown
IV 01/24/92 Jim Royal Kearney Mesa Venues
V 08/22/92 Jim Royal Kearney Mesa Venues
VI 01/16/93 Jim Royal Orange County Venues
VII 10/17/93 Jim Royal Kearney Mesa Venues
VIII 04/23/94 Jim Royal Kearney Mesa Venues
IX 08/20/94 Jim Royal Orange County Venues
X 03/11/95 Jim Royal Orange County Venues
XI 08/26/95 Joe Palen Kearney Mesa Venues
XII 01/27/96 Jim Royal Orange County Venues
XIII 08/03/96 Jim Royal Orange County Venues